Robyn K. Fuller, CPA of General Motors Finance Chosen for AICPA,s Leadership Academy

headshotproDetroit, MI August 12, 2014 — Robyn K. Fuller, CPA, Senior Auditor of International Operations at General Motors Finance, has been selected as one of 38 young CPAs to participate in the American Institute of CPAs 6th annual Leadership Academy in Durham, N.C. this fall.

Fuller will join an exclusive group of rising stars in the accounting profession to learn strategic planning techniques and develop personal success skills for handling complex management challenges. Leadership Academy participants, all under age 36, will discuss pressing issues facing CPAs and the accounting profession with some of the profession’s most influential leaders, including AICPA Chairman Bill Balhoff, CPA, CGMA, and Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, the Institute’s president and CEO. 

“The AICPA’s Leadership Academy annually selects promising young CPAs and gives them the tools they need to continue to make an impact in the accounting profession,” said Balhoff. “As these CPAs continue to develop their careers, both the connections they make and the training they receive at the Leadership Academy will help guide them along the way.”

The AICPA selected the 38 attendees of the Leadership Academy from more than 100 candidates recommended by their employers, state CPA societies or both. Candidates submitted resumes which included work history, licensure information, professional volunteer activities, community service, and awards and honors.  

The selection process for the 2014 class involved the AICPA reviewing each submission in detail. The submission included a statement provided by the candidate explaining why their participation in the Leadership Academy would be personally important to them.

Fuller’s application focused on her passion of giving back to and helping to increase the level of interest in the accounting profession.  Additionally, Fuller’s work experience and volunteer work with Michigan CPA Society and National Association of Black Accountants, allowed her to be an obvious asset to the Leadership Academy. Fuller stated, “I hope to leave the Leadership Academy with a stronger awareness of the effect I have on others…and with the ability to make bold decisions that will help me live out my potential and realize my true purpose.” 

 The American Institute of CPAs 2014 Leadership Academy will be held from Sept. 28 – Oct. 2 at the Washington Duke Inn – Durham, NC. Additional information is available at


That’s a Myth! This is the Truth!

As an accountant, some of the most common questions we hear are, “How can you help me with my taxes?” “Is this deduction valid?”, “Oh, you’re good with money?”, and so much more.  The truth is, the term accountant wears many hats.  Not all accountants are tax accountant, or auditors.  Some are consultants, are analyst, some are recruiters, and believe it or not, some are government officials.  Accountants embody a wide breadth of knowledge that begins with assets and liabilities, but ends with an overall understanding of business processes and how they all come together to function as an organized and well-managed entity.  Accountants are not number crunchers, nor are we only tax specialist.  Here are a few myths about the benefits of having an accountant to help you support your small business:

Myth: “I will only need an accountant when the volume of my small business becomes too much for me to handle!”

Every business needs an accountant! A business should not be run based on the amount of cash in the bank, or lack there of.  An accountant can help you keep track of your spending and to decide the extent to which you may want to report a loss on your business tax return. Having an accountant helps small business owners avoid putting receipts in a shoebox, and tallying them up at year-end. A great accountant will follow your taxes throughout the year, so that things are organized and ready to go when it is time to file your taxes.

Myth: “All Expenses paid for my business are paid out of my pocket.”

Bad Idea:  All businesses need an account separate from personal funds in order to keep track of the true profit or loss your business is making. If you are using your own expenses, you are including your business income or loss and paying taxes twice on any income.

An accountant could assist you with separating personal from business expenses, and could help you account for the two, individually.  Business bank accounts should be used to deposit revenue and pay bills.  At any point, there is not enough cash to pay bills and you need to use personal funds, you should make your accountant aware, so that you can be reimbursed for those expenses on your tax return.

Myth: “Accounting services will cost me an arm and a leg!”

Wrong Again: You must choose the firm that fits the individual needs of your company and the services that you want.  Picking an accountant because they have cheap rates is not very smart either.  Check references, qualifications, and the services offered by your firm of choice.

J&F Advisor’s mission is to provide affordable rates to the businesses we service.  We look at the needs of your company and customize a service package to help fit your budget. We wanted to create a firm that catered to small business and start-up companies and provide them with affordable accounting services. Our services are reliable, efficient, and invaluable.


Need a New Headshot?

HH_Flyer_3 copyWe’ve Got You Covered!  Join Us for Headshots & Handshakes!

Headshots & Handshakes will be a networking event targeting business professionals of all industries within the Metro Detroit area. During this event, guests will be able to enjoy appetizers, take quality headshots, and most importantly shake hands and converse with a variety of business professionals.  J&F Advisors, Looped Media, and other select organizations will have informational booths setup, which will allow each business to showcase their services and/or goods to all guests attending the event.

Headshots will be made available electronically, so that you are able to keep it on file and use it for your professional and personal needs.

Suggested Attire: Business Casual to Business Attire – Normally headshots show chest and above.  For a professional headshot, it is suggested that you wear minimal and natural toned makeup.  However, depending on your preference, your comfort is most important.

Cost: $15 (Register at – As spots are limited.  Register ASAP.

This event is located at The Runway Detroit (Located in the 300 Tower of the Renaissance Center which is directly behind the Verizon Wireless Booth). For questions regarding this event, please email

Accountability Check!

J&F Advisors is not here by mistake or by any means for a temporary period of time. Fueled by passion and for the love of what we do, we started J&F Advisors with nothing but two people who wanted to be an example and make a difference in our community. We are sharing our story, in hopes that at least one person reading this, is inspired to execute on a brainstormed idea, take first steps towards a goal, and to make the things dreamt about, a reality.

Ashley V. Johnson and myself, Robyn K. Fuller were graduates of Cass Technical High School of Detroit, Michigan. We went to separate colleges, both in pursuit of a degree in accounting. Throughout our matriculation, we would see each other at events and talk about our progress with interviews or other accounting related matters. As time passed and we were both placed into firms, we began to talk to each other about where we wanted to see our careers go and the things we wanted to achieve and accomplish. While we had slightly different goals in mind, we both wanted to be entrepreneurs and to provide financial literacy to business owners in Detroit communities. One goal that we were both very passionate about was to provide mentorship to underrepresented accounting students that were to come after us. Many conversations took place soon after and we began to talk about starting a business, to be consultants.

The first two years of our business we did not advertise, our clients were obtained via word of mouth and they were people who took a chance and trusted us. While we took very many baby steps beginning in February of 2011, we are able to look today and be proud of those steps collectively. Ashley and I are two individuals who take pride in the company we have built, and push each other to make J&F Advisors greater by the day. The center and focal point of our business is driven by our passion and willingness to help the people around us!

This is a brief synopsis of how we took accountability for our present and future. We hope that our story inspires you to find your passion and make it work in your interest. Set small goals for yourself; execute a piece of your plan each day. What may seem very minute on day one, can be a massive achievement on day seven. Be accountable for your future; build a legacy for others to be proud of, and a path that ones who come behind you can follow.